Sparkly Magic

Experience our Wonderland of Magic & Soul Heart Community!

A gift for you my sweet friend,

 Breathe in the magic I am sending your way now.
I invite you to feel 
sparkles of tingly sensations infused with nurturing and love.
and some bubbles....
Pure and Loving. 

In the creative process, a divine magic awakens within and around us, where your soul does a sacred glitter dance, peeling away and shedding layers as you blossom and bloom with a new epiphany for how you see yourself.  You are now in tune with your own guide, the one that speaks deeply within your heart and soul, the innate wisdom within you. Let her be one with you, and watch the magic become you.  
The path is different for everyone, as well as the destination, yet the journey itself can be the most miraculous, magical awakening you have ever experienced in your entire life. 

And if you ever have any self-defeating judgments, critiques, or anxieties which are not at all juicy or fun, and you are feeling a little "caught up" in them, know you are not alone.  It is easy to fall into these kinds of default dialogues.....
I certainly did!!  
But now....When I feel these dark whispers creeping my way, I am very much in tune with knowing my true self and how I can bring humor to these whispering critters and give my beautiful self love, light, power and compassion in the moment no matter the circumstance.   

And i would love to support your true self too......
on a
magical journey
with glitter, paint, and lots of love.

Hello Sweet Love,

I am thrilled to meet you and introduce you to this special journey of wonder!   You will come across many treasures along the way as well as many suprises.  

In our retreats and workshops, I love sharing the magic and joy of what it feels to experience being in a safe and supportive community, while tuning into our own truth, our innate wisdom and higher soulful self, where we can release and allow for whatever yearns to show up and be expressed.
I have found that my participants know, deep down, they are ready for something new to emerge, something more than how it's always been, some place safe where they can explore and express what has been bottling up inside and expand beyond their wildest dreams.
I would be deeply honored to be by your side on this important journey where we will empower your play, passions, and spirit, awaken and nurture the unique treasures within you that are ready to shine their amazing vibrant light and wisdom into the world.  

Of course I bring play,
paint and glitter 
to our workshop experiences too!

When you arrive to our magical space, you may tune into a soft and gentle music.

You may see colorful pillows and blankets, a beautiful altar with vibrant tapestry, candles and sultry gems. 

Tables are adorned with paints and brushes, oil pastels, markers, magazines, and other artsy treasures (Glitter included of course!)

Bells, tambourines, maracas,  and bongos will be awaiting to play with you. 

Bubbles, colorful scarves, body adornments and chocolates are frequently thrown into the mix.

I want you to feel free and safe to express yourself with power, on your terms, at your own pace, in our loving, supportive environment.  I want you to get your deep soul hunger met, to be nourished on all levels and to experience what it’s like to have all of your expectations for nurturance exceeded beyond your wildest dreams.

​I encourage you to be open to the sURPRISES........which can be so RICH AND JUICY!!!!!

These are some of the results that people have shared with me out of our expressive arts explorations together.
And along the way, you may question yourself and how you "should" do this or how to "do it right and well".

I will offer guidance along the way.
I will also hold a sacred, safe space as I guide you through a process to help you tap into your subconscious, to your truth, your wisdom, and higher self.​

But the real journey is for you to own.
You will have the spaciousness to assess with compassion where you are in your life, to reflect on what no longer serves you, to honor what it is that you truly desire, and to bring the experience of love and healing into embracing your whole self.
You can share and express yourself within a sacred group as well as in your own individual process.
You may move and dance, play with art, sounding, creative writing, mindfulness meditation and/or vocal sharing.  I invite you to listen to your inner guidance, and to what best serves you along the way.

You may be greatly inspired by your unique gifts and wisdom that is channeled through you.
This kind of journey is not as much about the product of what you create, rather more about your process, which may also have profound awakenings and results for your life.  And as a bonus, you may LOVE what you have created too!
Together, we will create our sacred space.
Our workshops and retreats will be held in a safe, supportive community. There is deep energetic power in expressing yourself while being witnessed with love, honor, and compassion, in a sacred group setting.  Our time together is confidential and you will have the freedom to really be open.
And inside the magic....

What could it be like to clear the path of obstacles, blocks and darkness, to get out of your own way, and experience new beginnings that are light, fun, safe, powerful, and deeply fulfilling?
What if you could dance and play with art and writing and
feel totally free, at ease, and delighted with your self and with your experience?  And in this process, you are deeply honored and appreciated for being true to you?
What would it be like to fall in love….
a giddy kind of love…with yourself, and your life?
What would it be like to speak up at work and in your relationships, and feel valued, appreciated, and greatly respected?
What would it be like to be “filled” in life with
utter joy, exuberance, fulfillment, and gratitude?  What if others began to experience your being “filled”?
What if you could experience
soulful retreats on a regular basis… in sacred community, at home, and in your daily life?
What if your “someday would be great”
dreams actually manifest now?

I invite you to 
"unlearn" those societal rules and norms you have "grown" accustomed to.
Remember who you are
in your purest essence and at your core.  

As a spirit transformationalist, 
I help people get out of their own way
and embody a new spirit and soulful way.
Here are my suggestions to help you
feel deeply at home
with yourself and your process:
You can participate however YOU want to!!!!!!!  While I will offer guidance along the way, you can participate however feels right for you in your process.
No tests, no reports, no credentials or experience is required for your participation.
Recognize that you are an artist.  You are your own unique and beautiful expression.  An artist has imagination, dreams, desires, thoughts, fantasies, and cravings.  Everyone is an artist, no matter what stories we tell ourselves or how our sabotaging self tries to convince us otherwise.
This kind of arts experience is about your own inner process, not about the product.  Messy and outside the lines is great!!
Notice how and what you feel as you move through your flow.  What is juicy to you?  What are you tapping into?

 You may begin to feel more
Inspired, Empowered, Vibrant
In Love with yourself and your life,
and free to express your whole self.

You can do no wrong.  

And I would be deeply honored to be with you on this journey to support you with any new awakenings and life enriching experiences.

I Love The Way You Sparkle!!!