Happy New Year!

How do you want to show up for the New Year and New Decade? 

Why not begin by doing something wonderful for yourself...💕

I have tuned into my "Catalyst Love Warrior" and Innovative Visionary Genius" superpowers to help you create new normals that can totally light you up!

There is a powerful shift happening.  Can you feel it? This is a potent time to really step up and claim your power.

I have designed a special workshop series upon the full moon to support you in accessing heart opening discoveries, distinguishing your superpower callings, and creating the safe haven that helps you rise into your true mastery.

This is your time to shine and inspire yourself and others upon your dream year path. I would be honored to be by your side to support you upon this journey!

Be​gins January

Full Moon January 
Inner sparkle

​When? 💕

Friday, Jan. 10 
2 - 5 pm (HST), 4 - 7 pm (PST), 5 - 8 pm (MST),
6 - 9pm -  (CT), 7 - 10pm (ET)

Saturday, Jan. 11

9 am - noon (KST)

How does it feel in your body to let yourself

connect to your deepest desires? 

Design your own Vision Sparkle Box (or other visioning tool downloads) to support you in what truly lights you up.   Experience the magic of tuning in and finding treasures that are guided to you by spirit as messengers holding space for you and your dreams.  

Start the new year aligned, nourished, and inspired by you and all the possibilities!

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Full Moon February
Paint Your Chosen Path

When? 💕
Sunday, Feb 9
2 - 5 pm (HST), 4 - 7 pm (PST), 5 - 8 pm (MST), 6 - 9pm -  (CT), 7 - 10pm (ET)

Monday, Feb 10
9 am - noon (KST)
What is your divine assignment at this time? 
Who is the archetype within you ready to be revealed?

Invite Spirit to guide you through color, images, and embodiment.
Let paint, journaling and heart storms empower the wisdom within to reveal your path and anchor your archetype superpowers

Empower the true expression and direction of the goddess who is ready to shine her true colors.

Full Moon March
Surrender to Your Magical Messengers

When? 💕
Monday, March 9
2 - 5 pm (HST), 4 - 7 pm (PST), 5 - 8 pm (MST), 6 - 9pm -  (CT), 7 - 10pm (ET)

Tuesday, March 10
9 am - noon (KST)

What kind of support do you need to honor Your full self-expression?

Imagine getting out of your way and feeling your spiritual team rally to support you.  Delight in the magic of designing a soul altar in your home, at work, and any place you desire on your path.  Discover who is on your high vibe team to support you in your mastery. 

Let your sacred spaces and support team help you transform inner blocks and feel connected, safe and nourished. We are your biggest cheerleaders.

What’s included in this course?

- 3 Monthly live and recorded zoom full moon workshops to help you light up, land into, and surrender to what turns you on and brings you innate joy and aliveness.  Learn how to harness the power of the full moon to bring in more confidence, stability, balance, energy awareness, better relationships, ease within and lots of fun!  

-3 Monthly live and recorded zoom passion play date check ins 
to empower your radiance and playful spirit so that you feel aligned and inspired by how you experience yourself and by how the world sees you. Get ready to tap into your creative spirit, transform inner blocks, and powerfully shine in your unique brilliance. 

-3 months of accountability and support via private Facebook group so that you can express yourself and your discoveries in a safe and loving container. Experience the gift of feeling seen and appreciated and witnessing others as you expand yourself in new ways.

When does this begin?

The Full Moon Workshop Series is a 3-month juicy online event that begins Friday, January 10th

The full moon series rate is $129. 

​Join with a friend for the Buddy Moon series Rate, $114 each.

Or Join a 1 month workshop series, $49

​Join with a friend for the Buddy Month Rate, $34 each.

Does this light you up? 

Are you ready to get out of your way and amplify with power what you desire? 

Join the Full Moon Workshop series!

Sign up via
Paypal to Laraprintz@hotmail.com
or Venmo to @Lara-Printz

​(Optional payment plans available). 

Full Moon Series Rate - $129
Buddy Moon Series Rate - $114

1 Moon Monthly Rate - $49
Buddy Moon Monthly Rate - $34​​
Send me an email with any questions or comments to
lara@juicyartandsoul.com or call (205) 332-9695.

Whatever you may be dealing with, I would love to help you start your year with joyful aliveness and power.

I see you, and am in awe by who you are.  I would be honored to support you, and your living an authentically passionate life.

With all my Juicy Love,

Catalyst Love Warrior
Innovative Visionary Genius
Juicy Art & Soul

Lara Printz is a certified person-centered expressive arts and intuitive painting practitioner and founder of Juicy Art & Soul, LLC. She helps you liberate your true self, access joy and empower your playful spirit and inner voice through meditation, movement & art.